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Life is good. I've been back at college for a while now, and have gotten back into the swing of the semester, so to speak. I'm getting along well with my professors, which is good--and it's nice to talk to other people who are skeptical of the most fundamental aspects of the current system, or are at least sympathetic to that skepticism.

I don't want to change society anymore. These days I want to see it ripped down. Not because every manifestation of it is horrible, but because I think the central ideas it's built on (the profit motive, the separation of humans from animals, a legacy of imperialism, unsustainable practices) are corrupt. Treating the symptoms can make people's lives better, but it won't fix all the problems caused by those central ideas.

It wouldn't be the end of civilization, which realistically isn't going anywhere. But civilization as we know it would still be smashed.

I've also been getting involved in some local ecological activism/remediation. The lake at campus is heavily polluted, and I'd like to see that changed.

Date: 2016-03-01 04:08 am (UTC)
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I'd like to belatedly support you in this, or at least express support for your ideas >_>; I've been questioning a lot of those foundations myself.

I don't think that the stuff that you mention are essential parts of human society, but European imperialism and settler state ideology has kind of remade a lot of the rest of the world to serve it. So yeah.

I kind of feel powerless to change things, but I'm not about to discourage you from doing so, or from getting involved in helping nonhumans in your area. We wish you luck!


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