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Fall semester is over. Classes went very well, to the point where I'm eligible to get back on Honor Roll. Next semester I'll be taking nearly all biology/zoology courses, which I can only hope goes as well as it did this semester. Right now I'm trying to get into a herpetology seminar--one that's normally not for undergrads--but I should be able to get in as soon as an override can be issued.

All my professors were competent this semester, even if I was frustrated by the English professor's insistence that splitting infinitives was grammatically incorrect.

Saw The Force Awakens. It was good, but drew pretty heavily from the original trilogy, and I think that weakens it. Even if they had to, for some reason, recycle the "destroy a giant superweapon before it destroys us" they could've at least not made it just a bigger Death Star. And the way it operates is just absurd, as is the fact that the weapon firing is visible on the random planets the heroes are on.

And people say Star Trek doesn't make sense.

I tried alcohol for the first time recently. Hated it--I tried two fairly sweet red wines, but the taste of alcohol was just too much. I think I managed to get tipsy off just a few sips, too, though that might have been a combination of placebo and drinking on an empty stomach. And I'm a lightweight.

I'm pretty sure Pumpkin had more of a tolerance for alcohol than I do. Silly cat would try to stick his face into beer glasses whenever he got the opportunity.

Missed Hannukah, unfortunately. So no latkes and gambling for me. I did get to Skype my parents, though.

Wait What

Dec. 20th, 2013 08:51 pm
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So I'm browsing the cesspool that is the "Could the Federation beat the Empire" debate, which has a multitude of problems, including the fact that, you know, any debate about tech will end in the Federation simply absorbing huge numbers of defectors and replicating the technology en mass.


According to several sites, the starfighters of the Empire produce multiple Tsar Bomba yields and are capable of taking out the Enterprise's shields. Which by itself isn't a problem logically, however, it becomes a problem when we realize:

1. Star Wars weapons typically throw up sparks when they hit something. Like a rock.
2. If the weapons are that strong, then why the hell are you sending the Death Star after Yavin 4 when you could turn the Rebel base (which, if I recall correctly, is made of rock) into dust by shooting it a bunch of times with a wave of TIE fighters?

The only logical conclusion is that somehow everything in the Star Wars galaxy is made of impervium. Everything. Human flesh? Made of impervium, which is how it doesn't melt being in the same general vicinity as the Slave 1's cannons. Water? Made of impervium, which is why it doesn't vaporize from the heat. That platform? Impervium. Asteroids? Impervium.


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