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I would have posted this earlier, but I was in Chicago and didn’t have much time to write. So when I refer to ‘this year’ I mean 2011, and when I refer to ‘next year’ I mean 2012.


It’s been a rather heady year, I suppose, both in a political sense and a personal sense. I’ve joined new communities, strengthened my social links, improved my grades a bit, created quite a few intellectual accomplishments, dedicated more spare time to various communities and causes, and got rather excited about the growing protests. I’ve felt, I suppose, slightly more optimistic about the state of the world, or at least its future state. At the same time, I’m not blind. I know very well that with Section D of the NDAA, the indefinite detention of whistleblowers, Citizen’s United, etc. we of the United States live in a country that is and has been for too long on the brink. And other countries aren’t always doing better, at least not that much better. Corporations continue to rake in monstrous profits, legislators continue to attach horrible things to budget bills (and not just Section D, look at wolf delisting), the media still only cares about ratings... it’s awful here, take it from me. And part of the reason it’s so awful is that so many people are blindly convinced that we’re exceptional, or yak about how the fact that we have it better than, say, the DRC means we shouldn’t still strive to do better.

But there’s hope, and I’m rather pleased to state that my more in-depth involvement with the online community, especially the therian/otherkin one and the friends I have here, tell me that I’m not alone. Even if many of the people who agree with me are on the other side of the Pacific or Atlantic, it gives me some hope.

It’s been a good year for writing. I wrote two essays, Motionless Claws and Kin, that dealt with therianthropy, and one essay here that I promised I’d write, didn’t write for a really long time, and finally produced in a day or so while half-asleep (this is a theme throughout my work). I wrote many poems, all of which are here, and started Music of the Spheres and started writing on the Wanderer’s Library. I wrote the Extinction Chronicles. Preferably I’ll get significantly more done next year, both in reference to essays (mostly philosophical and therianthropic) and in reference to poetry and short stories. And I’ll revise an old essay.

I don’t recall exactly how much I’ve got done in the realm of visual art. I know I’ve finished several pieces for art class that I’m not displeased with, that I did some macro photography over the summer, and that I’m pretty sure that I did the spiraling batik watercolor this year. Much of what I’ve done isn’t online because my scanner is tiny, but I should be able to combine segments into a complete image. Or label small sections ‘close-ups’. I’ll probably finish the oil painting I’m working on next year, and during the summer of course I’ll be taking many photographs and doing some photomanipulation.

I haven’t gotten done nearly as many science projects as I’d like, and by that I mean I’m pretty sure that my total is nada. The only one that I have gotten anything done on, the bioluminescent algae, may well have failed utterly. Unless one counts growing plants as a science project, in which case that’s doing quite well. Next year I’ll be in the West for long periods, and I should be able to do something during that period.

I’ve strengthened my social ties quite a bit, though many of them are online. And a few people I haven’t seen for quite a while online have been being active again recently, though there is one who I used to talk to often but has drifted away. Still, I know she’s alright.
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Watched Santa vs. the Devil Friday, and it was so bad it was good. But it gets better, oh so much better! See, Hecklevision was on, and so people could text snarky comments to the screen. If I can, I’ll copy and paste some of the comments, but here are some highlights as I remember them:

[as Santa is playing the organ at the beginning and having children from different countries sing and dance]
It’s a small racist world after all. [after the China sequence- there were some rather unfortunate stereotypes]
Nice eyebrow work, there, Santa.
Is this guy going to go through the whole UN? [after ten minutes of this]
When is the plot going to start?
And now from the country of South America!

[as Santa is reading list of gifts that includes ‘nuclear laboratory’ ‘machine gun’ and ‘rocket’]
This kid is from Tehran.
Santa is an arms dealer.
[as Santa reads a letter from a kid saying that he wants a baby brother] Santa has ways of making baby brothers.

[as Pitch is making the doorknob heat up] Satan uses Ember! It’s supereffective!
[as Santa shoots Pitch in the rear with a fake cannon] Santa uses Feint Attack! It’s supereffective! Satan loses 5 health points!

[as Santa tells a kid that he has ways of making him happy] I have ways of making you ‘happy’.


Off the topic of perverted Santas, I have just turned in an essay on the link between environmentalism and the counterculture/hippie movement, and how the two interacted. That took many days of concentrated work, during which I got almost nothing done on Music of the Spheres. Should have another one of Blaze’s segments done by midweek, though. And I’ll move all of my fiction under a seperate filter, and revise ‘Searching for Tomorrow’, a story set in the TomorrowLands.

For English I have to read and do literary analysis of a piece of American that must be approved by the teacher. He expects me to do ‘a great classic’. I do not like the ‘great classics’ of American literature, because I find them rather dull. But my parents do not approve of this.
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Yes, you read that right. There is now a new addition to our D&D party, and he is playing the robber crab I awakened.

He's a pretty weak crab, but he saved my life when he tripped an assassin by grabbing onto his foot. I had just killed the assassin leader, who made the mistake of injuring my familiar, by shooting a lightning bolt in his face, but of course I ended up being attacked, so...

Oh, and we're working with a gold dragon who, when a door was blown towards us, caught the door and flung it back at the assassins.

I also had a thoroughly amazing moment in a different campaign yesterday when my ash cat ranger/sorceror killed seven orcs

In other news: My AlphaSmart Dana screwed itself up somehow so I can't turn it on, and I have finally uploaded the image below to deviantart. I also obtained a Deep Forest album, and very much enjoy it.

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1. The bioluminescent algae arrived today. Set-up isn't nearly as difficult as I'd thought, indeed, I don't even need a separate container for it. I'll probably post images as soon as I get it to glow.

Hopefully it will be ready in time for Math and Science Night. And I plan on propagating it, too, which will be trickier. It's easy enough to add growth medium to a flash of algae, it's harder to set up a system where, theoretically, the algae could live forever.
2. I did some glassworking today. My skills are a bit rusty, but I did acceptably. Only got three tries, however, and in one the bead release fell off. On the other two I accidentally burned the bead- I hate single fuel torches.
3. The Therian News Network is currently down. Again. I'm beginning to get tired of this. And speaking of news, my fur has been rubbed the wrong way by this, which I realize is a joke... but seriously, that's not funny.
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Yeah, I’m a pyromaniac. But looking at flames consuming ethel alcohol and dissolved lithium salts, with the beautiful red-pink shots of flame through the blue, I don’t think anyone could blame me. Fire fascinates me, it draws me in.

Lithium and copper, those are my favorites. Copper has such a lovely green flame, and lithium has such a lovely red-pink. And you know what’s better? Combining them together. I did that, and when I did, the colors didn’t mix and pollute each other. They were seperate, and I could see the colors of each streaking up towards the top of the fire.

That was Friday.

My birthday was rather pleasant. No celebration or anything, but I don’t really need one, do I? I got a gift card for iTunes (which I can’t get to work but will use when I can to get Deep Forest and Sensorica tracks), a few checks, and a gift card for Hastings worth fifty dollars, which I used to buy two books Good Omens and A Beautiful Friendship. Still have some money left, which I will spend online. Probably buy Tomorrow’s Spinx or The Jaguar Princess.

And now I’m going to the butterfly house by car. I’ll update this later.

Currently writing day after. Butterfly house was nice- saw several swallowtails, an atlas moth, blue morphos, owl butterflies, and other lovely sorts. Tragic thing about butterflies is that they don’t last long. Year or so at most. If I could redesign the butterfly, they would live forty years and have amazing regenerative capabilities. And be bioluminescent. And sentient.

Dinner was at the olive garden, and I had the sauce seperately from the ravoli so that I could use two different kinds of sauce. Which was delicious.

My fellow Chemistry students have the most fascinating observations. Why, just now one of them has declared that the diagram for f-orbitals is ‘looks like saltwater taffy’. This is while we are learning about orbitals, which I am probably the only person to find fascinating. And while I’m asking questions, trying ot understand why two parts of a d-orbital combine into a single ring, people keep interrupting me.

Also, after watching the ‘Buffalo Rider’ videos (, I now have an extreme urge to ride on a buffalo.


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