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GSA bake sale is over. Raised… I don’t know how much, actually. I myself am responsible for raising at least $24 for the local GSA through the sale of my pumpkin walnut chocolate-chip cookies. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the lemon poppyseed cookies to school until yesterday.

Made some more glass beads, and there is the possibility of me being able to borrow a dual-fuel torch in town. Finally! I’ll be able to work in a reducing flame. Essential for many of the most fascinating aspects of glass. I also accidentally developed a ‘new’ technique. Take vermiculite beads and dip the bead in while it’s still hot, then later remove the vermiculite beads. You’ve got a pitted surface, which looks stunning on a transparent or clear glass.

Kind of disappointed in the lack of obvious recent activity surrounding the therian commune project on the Werelist. I am, frankly, halfway tempted to talk to Savage about starting a subforum in the Planning subforum of the Gatherings forum. I know it would always be a long way away, but I still feel like a lot of planning could be done even years ahead of time. I also sort of want to make a checklist or something. Because I want to make this idea a reality; I was thinking about it back in… around 2009, I think, when I was swapping emails with a now-departed Swedish wolf therian on a regular basis. Many of my ideas were harebrained, but some weren’t. Mostly we talked about income sources, since the idea was that it would be a separate community, and one of the main ideas mentioned was art—because so many of us are artists of some stripe. While the commune that seems most likely to form in the Northwest seems unlikely to be separate, some sort of… socialized income reservoir for either emergency help for members or group projects would be useful. I was thinking of wording it like this.

I was thinking recently about income and group projects. And I was thinking, what about some sort of centralized system where there’s a central community fund, to be used for things that benefit the entire community or for emergency aid (like if someone’s house burns down). It would be maintained by selling things like community-owned vegetables and fruits (like in the greenhouse), or maybe also some sort of arrangement, since many of us are artists of some sort, where you could use community-owned materials to produce an art piece, and then when it sold the central fund would take a cut to go back to buying things for the commons. Entirely voluntary, of course.

What does everybody think?

In other therianthropy-related stuff, I am currently working on what I’m calling “A Skeptic’s Guide to Therianthropy and Otherkin.” It’s written at people who are skeptics but aren’t assholes who go around saying ‘hur hur your insane’ without providing valid reasons. To them I have a clause at the introduction that says something along the lines of, “Look up the term ‘fallacy’.”

I would like, again, to take the opportunity to pimp Boston By Night, say you all should join, and promise cookies.
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I think that sociability corresponds to my fast/slow cycles. They aren’t manic/depressive, quite… I can be manic while being depressed, and can be happy, or as close as I get to it (since I don’t feel much in the way of positive emotions), while being inactive and having relatively little energy. But when I want to get lots of things done, which is generally at dusk, and enter a manic mode, I’m more social. In part that’s goal oriented, but it’s also… I don’t know. I feel loneliness more intently. Maybe in part that’s because my mental defenses are breaking down—dusk is also when I feel more catty and feline, so that explanation seems to have some credence. Sometimes it’s even almost like there’s a sort of phantom body overlaid on my own, curled up with xer tail over xer nose. Sleep deprivation, some would say. Maybe. I’m writing this at 10:32 at night and am hardly in the ideal analytical state. But in any event, it happens, and the end result is the same.

On a totally unrelated note, I’m currently setting up an Etsy shop for me to sell my glass beads. And I think I’ll start selling some prints of some of my artwork.


Apr. 6th, 2012 04:45 pm
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Life has been rather god to me over the past few days. Conversations have been rather stimulating, intellectually, and I've got things to work on--and I'm making visible progress (mostly on AnOtherWiki, but in other areas as well, like the Winds of Change story). I finished adding a glass bead to the staff I've been working on. It's been rather warm. And I finally got as much sleep as I could possibly want.

Passover has started, which is the holiday where Jews eat matzah to remind ourselves how much it has historically sucked to be Jewish, just in case we ever forgot. There's also some social justice overtones that have been added recently.


Jan. 28th, 2012 07:15 pm
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I have a deep fondness for glass. Lampworking is something I'm actually pretty good at, even if it' pretty much something I have only a few tricks for. And yesterday I made two beads, one I call 'Forest' and the other I call 'Ocean'. They're both swirl of color in a clear glass medium.

I've also created a watercolor that I call 'Possibility of Joy' (when I upload it you'll see why), and started painting my staff. So the past few days have been good days for art.

Oh, and I created a new filter, High Access. If you don't want to be in it or want to be in it and aren't already, PM (or whatever this system calls it) me.


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