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Been a while since I posted. Life in general is good. Summer’s coming, so I’m getting more time outside—and it’s nice and warm often, too, though I look forward to the nice and hot temperatures of July and June, and climbing on top of the car and stretching out. That feels good. And chasing squirrels, and birds, and maybe there’ll be a get-together over the summer that I attend.

I’ve been trying to get a job at ACE. So far I haven’t been hired… but I maintain some hope that I still will. Nevertheless, time to apply at places like Hastings and such, I think. And maybe I’ll finally manage to sell some glass beads over the Internet during the summer…

Gardening is happening. Tragically the cacti have not sprouted yet, even though I followed the instructions on the seed packet, but I predict that the other seeds packets will be significantly more successful. I think I’ll sow them over the weekend; apparently we have Monday off school so that’ll give me a bit of extra time. And we got some lovely poppies.

Speaking of which, I determined a way to improve my lemon poppyseed cookies—do not mix the wet and dry ingredients in a separate bowl.

Oh, and I am now a commander in Star Trek Online.

Brave New World is moderately interesting, though I find many of Huxley’s ideas unlikely. Looking at the modern world, I would far more expect conformity to demand having a white picket fence and 1.5 children. Also his critique of promiscuity seems a bit of a strawman, in that the characters don’t even have any real liking for each other.

I know, it’s only fiction, but Huxley seems to expect us to take the book seriously as an illustration of the ills of society, and I don’t think it does that very well. Far more likely is that the future would be ruled by corporations relying on aggressive marketing campaigns to expand suburbia.

The state of the world is apparently Texas lately. Let’s see:
• The Boston bombing happened. This has emboldened our hawks. Not the birds. It has also emboldened the usual idiots who think that the solution to heavily armed terrorists running around is for everybody to have some model of AR (I forget the number after the dash).
• A fertilizer plant blew up in Texas. This was not done on purpose, it appears.
• Gun control was defeated by people who thought that universal background checks was the first step to government tyranny. The people who thought this were… get this… the government. Which can’t agree on anything anyway. And love their guns so much that facts fly out the window for them.
• Homophobic violence is widespread in France because the bigots there are idiot children who can’t deal with the concept of gay marriage. I don’t know if anyone’s been killed; hopefully no one has or will be.
• Zambia is being Zambia. By which I mean being an extremely homophobic country so blinded by hatred and bigotry that it must have inspired fucking Russia.

It never rains.

It only pours.

And the cats are being cute. Also the clouded leopards. Here are some pictures of clouded leopards from the Miami Zoo.


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