Sep. 5th, 2015

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I'm back at college now, and getting back into the routine. Not that that's always easy, but I'm doing a better job of it than last year... I hope.

Have five classes--Animal Diversity, Alternative Media in Diverse Society, Intermediate Analytical Writing, Principles of Genetics, and Chemistry--most of which I think are going fairly well. So far the subject matter seems fairly straightforward in all of them, with one exception.

That exception is Alternative Media, which has more jargon than seems necessary, which also raises the question of why COMMUNICATIONS majors have textbooks which seem indecipherable, and which seem to use far more complicated language than is actually necessary. I have this textbook by this Chris Atton person which is incredibly dense. The other textbook appears to be easier to understand, thankfully.

Of course, it may be that it's a 200 level course and I didn't take a 100 level course in the same class grouping (Speech Communication 101 was similar though, I suppose). In any event, if I run into major problems, I predict they'll be coming from that course.

For Animal Diversity I will apparently have to do dissections, but I'll live--unless I faint and break my neck on the way down, but that's unlikely. I really don't buy the rationale behind it, since I just don't see how this is actually necessary, but I don't have any real choice. And the instructor (and the TA, who's in charge of the lab) doesn't either.


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