Jul. 16th, 2013 10:09 am
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I've been working on someone's garden, and while weeding I came across a skink nest. There appear to be three or four eggs (I didn't disturb them), and mother skink was frightened away by me, which is unfortunate, though I hope she'll be back.

I'll have to remember not to remove the grass again from that place...
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One of the universal things one usually hears from reptile keepers is that, with some exceptions, you should never keep different species together. Now, the herpetologists I've talked to (I live in a university town, and we have an excellent herpetology department), and maybe three or four years of experience, say that house geckos and green anoles, if kept in the right environment (one with hiding places from each other and plenty of space) and the same size, should be able to do okay together.

Well, so much for that idea. Not only have I learned that I'm wrong, I've learned that geckos can squeak. Loudly. And I hope to whatever powers that exist that I never have to hear that again. I found the anole straddling the gecko (I do not believe it was a case of forced copulation) and attacking him.

The gecko's fine, more or less, but I think I now know where that injury he got a while ago is. So now I'll have to separate the two. Fortunately, I have a spare enclosure left over after my garter snake passed away. Unfortunately, the gecko has a habit of escaping, and I don't know how secure the enclosure is against lizard escape acts.


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